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    Arte en plein-air

"Erba matta" was born in Padova, as an initiative of a group of friends and independent artists. Together we organized several collective shows as “Garden art”, “Delarsirḷ-de l’art sur l’eau”, “Artisti al muro”, all en plain -air.
We believe in the necessity to have access to the contemporary art outside of the cold and narrow spaces of galleries.
We assert the right to affect with our works the urban pattern, respecting his beauty and fragility.
We work for the numerous and different artistic expressions to become more and more familiar to the public, so that art can steal a smile down the road, or stimulate a reflection or just give a moment of wonder.
We imagine we can regain an essential role in our society, we can be messengers of beauty, of freedom of thought, of incitement and denounce, of opinions that stand out of the crowd.
We are grateful to all the street artists that came before us and to those that will come, for all of them have contributed to make our life a better one.

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Email: info@erbamatta-arte.it, Facebook